Transport cages – construction options

1. handle for fastening with straps

In most cases, the cages fit the trunk of the car as much as possible and are stable. In addition, however, they can be secured by using lashing straps to the existing handles in the car.

2. belts

3. rear wall – detachable – emergency exit

4. railings

If there is such a need and there is space for it, we install rails for securing luggage on the roof of the cage. At the same time, the rails limit the movement of luggage.
We can do them in two ways

  • from aluminum rods

  • as walls limiting the movement of luggage

5. latch

The cage door can be additionally secured with a latch. It makes it easier to close the dog in a cage, especially a lively dog. The cage door can also be locked only with a latch, without the use of a handle with a lock

6. lock cover

We use the cover of the door lock when there is a fear that the dog may destroy it with his best efforts. This is a very rare case, but it has happened.

7. handles for carrying cages

The cages can be easily moved and removed from the trunk by grasping the door bars and the bars of the ventilation space. Additionally, however, folding handles can be used, which are more functional.

8. drawers

If there is room for it in the trunk – on or under the cage, we can make drawers. They can be used to transport dog items or other things. The drawers are often equipped with buildings for veterinary surgeries and clinics.

9. shelfs

Shelves can be placed on or under the cage. This is an extra space for luggage.

10. walls and ceiling made of laminated waterproof plywood

11. in the ceiling or on the sides of the cage, instead of bars, vents are cut out

12. cages with an unusual arrangement of rods

We can make cages with a ceiling made of rods. We can also make clearances in the upper part of the cage with a different height than the standard ones for two rods. The distances between the rods in the cage doors and in the clearances are about 3.5 cm as standard, this distance may be smaller or larger on request.

12. bowl holder

Useful for long journeys on hot days. The size of the handle is adapted to the size of the bowl. The handle is removable

13. the cage can be made with an individual print on the walls or it can be made in a given color (for an additional fee)

14. cage on the cabinet, with polycarbonate with holes instead of bars

Multibox with a lockable cabinet. Instead of bars, polycarbonate with holes is installed in the door. In addition, a clip to hold the notes.

14. Profiles painted in any color from the RAL palette


16. trap

Foldable gangway making it easier to enter the cage. Thanks to its foldable structure, it takes up little space in the trunk.

17. actuators

The actuators make it easier to open the cage and keep the door open.