playpen for puppies

Puppy playpen. Mobile structures that can be placed anywhere.


  • the structure consists of interconnected modules, including a door module,

  • individual panels are made of light, safe and solid anodized aluminum profiles (they do not stain, tarnish or age), the filling, on the other hand, can be made with:
    • aluminum rods,
    • transparent polycarbonate,
    • composite board,
  • door module, filling as in basic panels:

    • aluminum rods,
    • transparent polycarbonate,
    • composite board,
  • the modules used for the construction of the pen may have the same filling or the filling may be mixed,

As part of one development, you can use panels with different fillings, thus creating the most friendly place. Thus ensuring both the built-up angle (composite board), the possibility of observing the environment (transparent polycarbonate), and adequate ventilation (aluminum bars).

Transparent walls do not limit the puppies’ view, and the observation of the world outside the playpen has a positive effect on their first socialization.


  • dimensions of individual modules are adapted to the specific needs of the Ordering Party,


  • light, stable and durable structure,
  • possibility of using panels with different fillings,
  • can be folded out in a simple and quick way – easy to transport