birthing playpen

The structure consists of interconnected modules,

  • walls
  • floor
  • a protective “shelf”

The individual panels are made of light, safe and solid anodized aluminum profiles (they do not stain, tarnish or age). The walls are filled with an aluminum laminated composite board. The floor and the safety shelf are made of durable laminated plywood.

The structures can be folded and unfolded – when not in use, when unfolded, they take up little space, they are easy to hide and store. Placed in the playpen, they can also be used as a toilet for small dogs, with the shelf and floor removed.

For the purposes of breeding promotion, a logo or other information may be printed on the panel.

The dimensions of the delivery crate are adapted to the individual needs and sizes of dogs, the diagram below shows some examples.

SCHEMAT do pobrania / kojec porodowy

kojec porodowy – złożony

kojec porodowy – rozłożony na elementy


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