Cages – Information


Transport cages are the safest way of travelling with animals, which is proved by ADAC tests. Transport of a dog in a cage means safety for both, a dog and its owner – limited, friendly space provides a dog with comfort and decreases stress connected with going by car, even during long journeys. While being transported a dog is not exposed to injuries, and there is no danger of a dog moving to the front of the car and disturbing a driver.


A cage is easy to put into and to remove from the luggage compartment, it does not require any additional tools or activities. It is easy to keep a cage clean and hygienic. A car is protected against damage, dirt, fur and dampness.


Cages are solid, aesthetic, modern and functional. Cages Omega Animal & Sport are made from light, safe and solid closed aluminium sections (anodized – they do not dirty, tarnish, do not age), the highest quality water resistant, laminated plywood, or resistant and light plastic. We do not use rivets but specially designed for this purpose strong metal connections, fastenings are stable, cages have very strong construction, they are resistant to continual vibrations and shaking.


There is a possibility to build cages for one dog, two dogs, and building up with cages any luggage space for a few dogs. We make cages for all types of cars. Cages can be adjusted to any kind of a luggage compartment or any room.


We make cages in accordance to individual orders. A cage may have grates at the back, on the side, or may be made without grates. It is optional.


  • Cages are designed for all dogs lovers (and not only) who want to guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for their pet and themselves while travelling.
  • Cages are a great solution for both, the breeders and exhibitors, who often travel with their dogs, but also for people who want to take their dog for a walk in a safe and modern way.
  • Cages can be used by rescue services and all the guides working or training with dogs.
  • Cages come of a great use in shelter’s and hotels for dogs.
  • Cages can be used by vets and a possiblity to build up any space by the cages may be a great solution for veterinary clinics.

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