Safe shelter

Provide for comfort and safety of animals. Omega System transport cages can be adjustedto the size of every car boot and every type of car. Thanks to it,transport of even a larger number of animals can always proceed incomfortable conditions. It is an ideal solution for animal sheltersand funds for animals that want to show concern for safety of theirpets.

Light and comfortable

Comfort of yourfour-legged friend means its owner’s peace of mind.  You are a dogowner and you want to make sure your pet will always travel incomfortable conditions? You work as a vet and have to have your ownsystem for animal transport? We have a solution for you! Omega Systemtransport cages are made of light but durable aluminium profiles. Wesupplement them with strong fixing that make the whole structurestable. Safety is the most important thing for us, too.


Tell us what you arelooking for and we will create it! Omega System has a professionalteam of designers and its own machine park. It enables us to offeryou custom-made solutions. If you are an owner of a small animal (orone that is extremely large), you don’t have to worry any moreabout how to choose the best size foe your transport cage. We willprepare it for you!

Hygiene is basic

Anyone who has evettransported an animal in a car knows how important and also difficultit is to keep everything clean during the journey.  Omega Systemcages for dogs are lined with waterproof laminated plywood orplastic, which facilitates their cleaning. The animal travels inhygienic and safe conditions ma, and your new car will remain free ofdirt, hairs and moisture. 

Omega System means original solutions based on solid structures made of closed aluminium profiles. Choosing our cages, you have 100% guarantee of quality and safety. Our products are the best solution for transporting animals in cars of all makes.


They do not get dirty, do not tarnish, do not age!


They bring together comforts and safety with skilful finishing


For all types of cars, car boots and rooms.

The best quality!

Comfort, durability and safety.

Our offer

Single Cages

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Double Cages

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Different solutions


Look at our implementations and make sure in how many types of cars and boots our cages have been us…

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How we operate


At that stage we collect data – make of car, boot dimensions, breed and number of animals to be transported. We will ask you a lot of questions!


We already know what you need. Now it is time to design a transport cage tailored to your requirements. We will see to it!


Thanks to our machine park we can manufacture cages made of anodized aluminium profiles ourselves. Soon your order will be ready!


Our latest projects – check us and see what we can do!

About the company Omega System

For years we have been manufacturing systems based on aluminium profiles structures. Our goal is to offer perfect quality in a tasteful and functional form. Therefore, out transport cages do not only signify comfort, but also durability and safety!