Cages – to the ordered size

Transport cages for dogs by OmegaSystem Animal & Sport may be made in ordered sizes.

Due to it they can be easily adjusted to the luggage compartment of any car.

To order a cage of not standardized dimensions the following information must be given:

  1. give the dimensions of the cage according to the attached scheme (it can be downloaded by clicking “Files to download”) while giving dimensions of the cage take into consideration the dimensions of the luggage compartment – in such a way that placing a cage inside will be possible
  2. what kind of sides of a cage are ordered – to be chosen from the options of a cage sides,
  3. whether it should be a single or a double cage
  4. should it be equipped with a ramp (dimension F) – if the luggage compartment has a threshold should a case be made without it
  5. what kind of lock do you choose – a lock, a T-shape handle with a lock, catch bolt